About us

We are new here!

Welcome to our blog, Bite Sized Duo,
A melting pot of our passion, education and skills.

Join us as we eat and travel … or travel and eat …around our home city of Cincinnati, OH and all around the world.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Luan and Ann. We are both foodies (duhhh), travel addicts, both Sensory Scientists, having worked in the Flavor, Fragrance and Consumer Product Goods industry, and most importantly moms {Luan to 4yr old Keenan and Ann to 2yr old Aria and 6month old Kaia} and wives to our better halves.

We met at work and found that our conversations always ended up on the subject of FOOD — where to eat, what to eat, in a city, state or country. Both having had our fair share of travel and relocation, the challenge was where to find good and authentic meals, especially in suburban Cincinnati that is laced with all the fast-food chains. We realized we wanted to eat our way throughout life and tell everyone about it.

Being both tropical girls, Luan is from Barbados and Ann is from the Philippines, growing up with a home cooked meal, created by the freshest ingredients, enveloped in our countries history and traditions was a staple. These meals were in no way lacking in flavor and presentation.

This why the science of putting together flavors and the art of presentation is very important to us.

Our blog will give you ideas on where to dine, unlike food critics of old, highlight positives in each restaurant and giving our readers an insider look on the chefs and restaurateurs behind these fantastic places through our Spotlight posts.

And by the way, did we say that we LOVE coffee and tea??

We hope you enjoy our blog as we will enjoy writing and posting!


Luan and Ann