For the Love of coffee…

Happy Hearts Day y’all!! ❤️ Most of us have a big spot in our hearts for that warm cup of somethin somethin, regardless of the time. ☕️

So today on the spotlight, we let our heart guide us all the way to Wyoming Community Coffee.

The cozy shop was the brainchild of residential designer/architect, Sarah Aschliman, who describes herself as an introvert who ironically loves hosting parties as a way to comfortably connect with friends and family.

Sarah saw opening a coffee shop as a way to host not just her immediate family and friends but also the entire COMMUNITY! The community that she loves. So finding THE spot in Wyoming was serendipitous.

She imagined a place where everyone could come in, grab a fabulous drink and hang out- young and young-at-heart alike– families, students, professionals…EVERYONE! Imagine that! A cafe, with a beautiful interior setting but without the hoity-toityness you would expect. You can bring your whole family, and no one bats an eyelash when they spill an entire cup on the floor! The vibe is so laid back, inclusive and friendly that University students drive up from downtown.

Albeit a long process, with a lot of learning curves for a new cafe owner, the stars aligned for Sarah not only with the space but most importantly with her kitchen manager, Annie Esposito. Annie, who was initially only a consultant, fell in love with the place and has been there since the beginning. She credits Annie for WyCoCo’s menu as well as their homemade syrups.

Cafe menus would typically have a plethora of coffee offerings but leaves tea drinkers missing out on the trends…not at WyCoco. They boast a menu that we consider “totally inclusive” of different tastes and preference, whether you are a coffee or tea drinker.

YES!!!! Ann was happy to get the leaf on her cafe latte and Luan was finally happy to get a leaf on her tea latte. (Oh wait…did we mention they also have gelato???)

As we spoke to Sarah, it was very clear to us that word “community” is the back bone of this coffee shop. Apart from creating a space for the Wyoming community, she emphasizes the need to give back, teaching the skills she herself had to learn to other aspiring coffee shop owners and making sure that coffee sources are not only sustainable but supports women coffee farmers as well.

Wyoming Community Coffee creates tons of opportunities for everyone to come in, explore, learn and socialize through different activities and events that they host in the coffee shop.

Alright… want just talk about the coffee huh…we didn’t forget….

Hot chocolate… the taste reminded us of the drinking chocolates in Europe. Slight roasted notes with a touch a sweetness that peaks at your threshold….this decadent beverage leaves you yearning for more after each sip. Anddd … yes! Marshmallows!!!!

CUPiDccino…this themed drink is surprisingly a crowd pleaser. With a noticeable, yet gentle rose aroma and flavor, it is the perfect compliment to the coffee notes. We found this beverage to be a favorite of ours.

Hazelnut Coffee (Nutella)… a suggestion from one of the baristas was a sure hit for us! Rich and decadent the Nutella flavor is obvious and captivating! The Hazelnut flavor does mute the coffee notes which is perfect for people who want the creamy comfort without the bitterness. What a beautiful change from the daily “hazelnut coffee” creamer at our 9 to 5’s. It is dessert in a cup!

Rooibos Latte (a.k.a Luan’s fave)… now this!!! We call the WyCoCos Rooibos Latte the gateway to cafe latte. It is amazingly rich and creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness. Rooibos tea in itself has a plethora of health benefits, so you can have your latte and drink it too!

WyCoCo’s Baked goods (except for the Vegan Brownies) are baked fresh from North South Baking Co. Another local and female owned business. Their Cruffins as well as Croissants are flakey and buttery which serves as a perfect pairing for your coffee, teas and lattes.

The WyCoCo’s coffee beans are from a local Artisan Roasterie called La Terza. They not only supply the coffee beans but help support their local cafe clients through training their baristas.

So, if you really would totally like to go all #coffeeislife and #fortheloveofcoffee plus discover what the marriage of LOVE for community + LOVE for coffee looks like, then you definitely must visit Wyoming Community Coffee. It is Bitesizedduo APPROVED!


Ann & Luan

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