Girls just wanna have fried food and cocktails …πŸ₯‚

Happy weekend everyone!!! πŸŽ‰ it’s the long awaited respite from the 9-5 grind for us…

Went out for a girls night at one of our fave places last night, Bar Del Mar, which is an ocean themed bar at the Liberty Mall in Liberty OH.

Yahhhh the beach vibe is beautiful!!

Bar Del Mar is a great recipe for a good night- a good selection of appetizers and a slew of cocktails to choose from!

Apps and cocktails by the fire πŸ”₯

We ordered a few appetizers to share to go along with our cocktails. My go to choice for apps is their calamari, cheese curds and prosciutto burrata — a no fail choice.

Their Cheese curds…. I had them once, and I. was. hooked. These little morsels of fried goodness are sooo satisfying, it definitely makes your soul happy! And because I have no point of comparison the jury is still out on how authentic it is.

And then there’s the buffalo cauliflower…. it was the servers recommendation. While cauliflower is a perfectly delish veggie, the “buffalo” part of the dish was sadly lacking…. we wanted to shout out “more sauce please!!!”

But with the chitchat and drinks flowing we ate them anyway lol

the drinks………..🍸

When the vibe of the restaurant feels like you are in a tropical island with your girls, you might get carried away with the rounds…

From front to back: spicy mango margarita, pineapple infused vodka with a splash of cranberry

My 1st round was their Spicy Mango Margarita, while perfectly tropical with a slight hint of tequila, it was missing the kick that I was expecting! Whomp whomp…

My girls, on the other hand, got their choice right on the 2nd round. They ordered the Pineapple infused vodka with a splash of cranberry! It was beautiful as much as it was yummy! A great combination of tropical taste and just a noticeable touch of vodka. We may or may not have 6 rounds of this wonderful drink!

I can’t forget to talk about the service! Our server Shane was amazing! He was running the packed house solo aside from the bar tender while training a new server, I might add and he rocked it. Fantastic service and he had us in stitches!

I give this place an 8 out of 10, for the vibe, selection, service and execution!!! Needles to say, we have planned another girls night at Bar Del Mar !!! πŸ₯‚

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